children’s story

Project: Matthew Wain is a primary school teacher and local author inspired by his three children to write children’s books, first as a hobby, then as a profession. After initial positives responses from publishing companies, Matthew need visuals and a pitch document in which to bring his story alive.

Process: The first part of this process was to create mood boards for sign off by Matthew, to ensure that illustrators and agents would understand his vision of the series of books. Then a main character ‘Eduardo’ was created to depict the boy as Matthew imagined him, cute, scruffy, and identifiable and appealing to very young children.

The second part of the project was to present this, with a brand logo, with the story for pitch, and an introduction, synopsis and biography of the author, in the absence of a webpage or similar.

Deliverables: Moodboards, hand drawn and vectorised illustration, logo and pdf pitch document presented to client.

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