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The ‘Headspace’ campaign was launched by the childrens’ charity Fegans to encourage teenagers and young people to consider their mental and emotional health as a priority to overall wellbeing. The concept of a branded book developed from the idea that they should have something in print they could actively engage with, and keep as a gift.

To get the look and feel right, three mood boards were presented to a market research group of young people. Based on three main pop-culture trends. The overall consensus was that ‘minimalism’ would be the most inclusive and appealing design aesthetic. All photographs were sourced, and ideas on editorial style features put forward for the input of an experience teen counsellor.

The branding for ‘Headspace’ was then rolled out over webpage, leaflets, posters and books, that supported assemblies in secondary schools across Tunbridge Wells in Kent. The ‘Headspace’ book was given out to 7,000 secondary school children, and was deemed a great success, with teenagers activity engaging with the book at school and at home.

campaigns from fegans

Little Stars

As part of reaching out to the greater community, school groups were invited to the exhibition ‘Seasons of Change’. Branded artwork was needed to engage the young children in a fun and modern way, so ‘Little Stars’ was created, a series of characters and activity sheets based upon the theme ‘Seasons’. The artwork was also used for fundraising during events promoting children’s emotional wellbeing, as well as fundraising opportunities and online engagement with families.

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Kindness project

‘The Kindness Project’ is Fegans’ first school fundraising project set to launch in term 2018/19. A project developed to engage primary school children and families to ‘grow kindness’, the creative look and feel aims to inspire fun, inclusivity, fundraising and education. As well as branding, art direction and production, assets will also include all literature surrounding the campaign, both in motion graphics, print, and digital assets for web, social media and use by third parties.

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Fegans was founded by James Fegan in 1870, and evolved from childrens’ homes, into a charity counselling children, supporting parents vulnerable familes across the South East. ‘Seasons of Change: The Fegans’ Story’ told the story of the charity from conception to present day. Branding and communication materials worked to acheive a great success, with 28,000 people visiting. The branding also supported many offshoot campaigns for the charity, including ‘Headspace’

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