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Project: Fegans charity has been running since 1870, and a fresh look at fundraising and focus was launched this year. Fegans strives to bring hope to vulnerable children, and to educate children on the importance of mental and emotional wellbeing from a young age. As part of the fundraising effort, Fegans will be launching their first primary school fundraising campaign in Autumn/Winter term 2018/2019. The artwork needed to reflect the fun of the campaign, inclusivity and above all the positivity of the core message, to engage young children, as well as the education community, in the benefits of the project.

Process: After careful consideration of the target audience and aim of fundraising, and further engaging primary schools across the South East, a logo was created that was fun and youthful, but also simple enough to be used with bold, and potentially complex artworks and documents going forward. A naive but modern art direction was introduced, with pattern assets and primary colour scheme that will compliment an assets going forward.

Deliverables: A complete project brochure portfolio produced in digital and print, to be directed at 150 schools across the South East. All assets for activity sheets, lesson plans, motion graphics, assembly materials, fundraising packs and relevant marketing materials such as posters and flyers.

campaigns from fegans

Little Stars

As part of reaching out to the greater community, school groups were invited to the exhibition ‘Seasons of Change’. Branded artwork was needed to engage the young children in a fun and modern way, so ‘Little Stars’ was created, a series of characters and activity sheets based upon the theme ‘Seasons’. The artwork was also used for fundraising during events promoting children’s emotional wellbeing, as well as fundraising opportunities and online engagement with families.

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‘Headspace’ was created to engage with a teenage audience. After working with a market research group, presenting three directions of design, ‘minimlism’ was chosen for it’s broad use as an inclusive theme for young people too used to being sterotyped. The creation of the ‘Headspace’ book, working with a teen counsellor, was a great success, with 7,000 copies being issued, and more sold online to teens and to parents. Due to this success a further ongoing campaign is in development.

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Fegans was founded by James Fegan in 1870, and evolved from childrens’ homes, into a charity counselling children, supporting parents vulnerable familes across the South East. ‘Seasons of Change: The Fegans’ Story’ told the story of the charity from conception to present day. Branding and communication materials worked to acheive a great success, with 28,000 people visiting. The branding also supported many offshoot campaigns for the charity, including ‘Headspace’

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