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The project: Life Studio by Sophie Barrett was launched in 2015 as a place online to find support and inspiration both physically and mentally, with full body conditioning as well as life coaching and psychotherapy. As a start-up company launching in a cosmopolitan area, the branding needed to be professional, yet lifestyle led.

Branding was needed for both print and online, as well as a sub-brand for the child-led side of the business, with tone and look and feel consistent throughout.

The process: After presentation of logo, typeface, tagline, colour palette and art direction, a website was designed and launched. All consultancy on presentation of the brand on printed marketing literature in both flyers posters and local advertising campaigns, as well as across social media.

Deliverables: Deliverables included full brand assets of logo, photography assets, colour palette, website design, social media, stationery, social media profiles, banners, artwork and banner images.

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