wellness hq

Wellness HQ is an online platform where professionals come together to educate, motivate, and inspire others to live their happiest, healthiest life. Founded by Georga Cottle, originally as Wellness for Busy Lives, the concept was created to support those in the wellness industries online, and consumers needing guidance. Wellness HQ is currently an online hub of articles and services, but will develop into an online directory, and platform for events and publishing.


This new brand needed a new logo to go with it’s new name and ambition. The logo was created with the connectivity of the service as a fore front in the brands direction. A smaller icon was created for use on professional stamps, social media, print and web marketing literature.

six pillars

Wellness HQ is based upon the ‘six pillars’ of Wellness, each pillar was given it’s own custom colour and icon, for use online and in print. As the brand and avenues grows, the iconography and graphics are ready to be used to create distinct categories for ease of use for both professionals and consumer.







art direction

Providing art direction for the brand going forward was crucial all social media assets and content is to be created in house for the initial launch. Giving a clear direction on imagery and look and feel, the artistic vision of this brand for the team is clear. Pitch documentation and first wave marketing materials were also created meaning this new venture is ready to rock and roll. Watch this space!

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