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Do you know who you really are? Or maybe who you would like to be? Even established brands need a lick of paint now and again, and sometimes we have to work from scratch. Working with a variety of start ups, and established businesses, we know that collaboration is key (no one knows you like you) to find the perfect mix of personality, professionalism and creativity to make your brand shine.

Working with core customer targets in mind, we create logos, typography and colour palettes, that lead the brand guidelines for all marketing and communications going forward, whether in-house, with EB&Co. or with your marketing agency. Once we have established a exciting look and feel that represents your brand perfectly, we can look at tone of voice, representation on and offline, and strategies going forward.

Branding is about strengthening your identity, from the foundations, to the final gloss. We get to a place where we know who we are, we know what we do well, and we are proud of our brand.

When considering branding or re-branding, the process starts at meet, getting to know a client is vital, as well as business ambitions, and sometime personal ambitions too. Getting the process started from initial consultation, mood boards, research before stage one artwork is presented, and then developed for final sign off. Clients time scales and pace is respected at all times.

When considering working with any creatives on your brand there are certain key factors to keep in mind. Style and portfolios are only part of the process. For full consultancy on leading your branding, re-branding, or sub-branding projects you can contact for hourly, day and project rates.

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