a useful hobby

Illustration and ‘hands dirty’ art has always been a passion, and when it works for a brand it can be a fantastic asset for identity or supportive literature both in print and online.

Pen, ink, digital or hand-drawn, illustration serves many a purpose. Getting it right for any brand is key, and when illustration can be used from in-house source or commissioned, to ensure every illustrative asset is perfect for all client’s marketing materials going forward.

the kit

A feature of ‘Station Magazine’ The Kit provided a shopping page with a difference. Unable to guarantee inclusion of luxury lifestyle brands in a east London ‘zine, illustrations were used to sum up a trend led feeling in consumer products.

Each image is hand-drawn and created into a vector image, to be colourised as required. Lot’s of fun.

The AEK Project

The AEK project was created in 2016 between three creatives interested in boosting productivity. The project involved one word illustrated a day, every day, for six months.

Many images were produced, good, bad, and weird, and posted on instagram for public consumption. Some can be seen below.

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