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When it comes to branding the whole concept can be daunting. Where to start? How to carry on? Finding the right designer/creative team for your project is paramount to a successful launch, financially and emotionally. Here are a few tips for finding the perfect fit:


Ask around. Use social media channels and personal contacts to get some leads, ask your friends/colleagues, personal recommendations on service are a fantastic place to start.


Get quotes. Work out what you need to start, and get quotes based upon your needs. Get at least three quotes. A well-rounded view of financials will give you a great understanding of budget and start-up costs. Remember to be clear about what you will need in the first instance, and costs going forward.


Be inspired. Keeping an open mind when it comes to creative is so important as a founder, your designer/agency will have ideas, and remember they are the experts, this is why you are paying them. However, having said this, it’s always good to have an idea on what style floats your boat, and what direction you had in mind for your brand. Make notes, take screenshots and get inspired.


Sell your idea. Anyone worthy of your business will be happy to meet and talk you through their portfolio and hear all about your ambitions, and remember you are speaking to someone who loves to be inspired – get a designer excited and they will start to visualise a direction. Once this happens they will develop the start of a creative and emotional investment in your branding, which gives you more power to get the best of their ability on the project going forward…


Branding is more than a logo. Before signing on the dotted line and handing over a fat deposit, make sure your creative team have done their research, and asked you all the right questions in relation to your product, market and brand direction. Ask for a brief or project overview if you need to, as once your creative is on the clock it’s vital they are completely aware of how your brand should take shape as the project develops.


Deliverables. Always be clear on the branding package your designer/agency is offering. Does it include a brand bible for future reference? Strapline? Social icons and start up artwork? Stationery? Make a list of what you will need for launch and ask for the total cost, walking away with a jpg of your logo is not going to be enough. Finding the right fit for your creative direction is a very happy milestone with any start up or re-brand project. Once you have your team in place they will prove invaluable to moving your marketing forward – and holding your hand creatively as your business grows.

Good luck!

Elizabeth Barrett

to find out more about branding from EB&Co. email elizabeth@ebcodesign.com



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